is an online overlay tool

that turns your screen into canvas,

where teams collaborate.


No More

PEEP allows you to display video anywhere on the screen, so you can now multitask seamlessly during the conference call.


You can move across screens with multiple screen sharing and also harness the ability to draw in shared screens, allowing you to easily illustrate your point to your colleagues.


Moments with teammates online
can be smoother than offline.
Customizable hotkeys let you continue working without disrupting your screen.



The easiest and most creative online doodling.
Turn your screen into a shared whiteboard.


A, Startup CEO 

When I interview applicants, having to switch between the screens was a hassle, but PEEP made everything so simple. It’s convenient since I can just mark things on the screen that the applicant shared even without having to use a full screen like for Zoom. 

“It’s been useful for interviews.“


B, Developer with N years of experience

Everyone at my company works from home. It’s great for collaborations since I could use pair programming to make a video call and use drawing tools while having the codes open on the screen. I’m thinking of using it for the entire development process once the official version is launched. 

“Perfect for remote working and collaborative coding!”


C, College student

I watch YouTube videos and Netflix with friends, and even study or work on my assignments with the camera on. It feels just like we are in the same room!
When I get bored, I sometimes draw on my friend’s face for fun. 

“I can have fun at home during the pandemic.”


D, YouTuber

My contents involve watching video games and making feedback and coaching.
Since I can use the pen to draw on the game screen in real-time, it’s great for live streaming.
And it saves me an extra step of editing before I upload on YouTube. 

“Recommended for real-time feedback
and coaching on a live stream”

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Most of PEEP's functions have been implemented,
usability improvement and stabilization are in still progress.

If you are selected for
Early Access User,
we'll give you an exclusive chance to try out the core features and exchange feedback.


Interested in working  with us  ?

The PEEP development team, as a new business organization within OP.GG, 
is taking on the challenge of creating a new & unique large-scale messenger service, supported by OP.GG's 55 million MAU user base and work resources.

All the team members passionately talk and participate in the product idea phase,
user experience, functionality, technology used, trends, and business strategies.


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