The Secret Weapon That’ll Take Hour High-IQ Plays to the Next Level


Easy and effective on-screen communication is possible with PEEP. See your teammates’ faces and enjoy the thrill of the battlefield.

Keep important information on-screen and be 5 steps ahead of your opponent.

Get the timing right without the need for complicated memorization and calculations.

PEEP's many drawing tools, including pens and timers, can be used in a variety of strategic ways.

Spell timer
During the laning phase, you can display your opponent’s spell timer on-screen and share it with your team to find the perfect timing for attack or defense.

Minimap display
Instead of pings and chat that disappear within seconds, display your mark of choice on the minimap for as long as you like.

Save your favorite drawing objects, and quickly take them out and share them on-screen whenever you want.

Go into battle with your teammates, face-to-face. Literally

Discord is such a good tool... but sometimes you just gotta see your teammates face-to-face, don’t you agree? With PEEP’s overlay technology, be with your friends in any situation.

Wouldn’t it truly be a Rift date if you can see your partner’s face during your duo queues? Well... It’s fine to do with just with a friend, too.

Imagine watching the face of your opponent as you crush them in your mid lane brawl, Mundo dodgeball, or just with your jukes.

Be it game lessons, coaching, or roasting, it’s best for the tool to be powerful and convenient.

It’s easy to share your game screen, draw on the shared screen, which is then shared and displayed to others.

You are able to watch your friends’ game screens and coach them in real time.

N:1 – Several people can coach or roast one person.

1:N – One person can be shared multiple screens at once. Supervise a whole team, or conveniently switch between screens during commentary.

Our personal chats, made even faster and easier

If you have something to say with your friend, that is irrelevant to your other teammates, try using PEEP’s overlay chat. It’s actually more convenient than in-game chat, but that’s a secret.

Use Alt + C to chat easily. It’s easy to start a chat immediately using your left hand or with a click, rather than pressing the enter key.

It can be overlayed on top of the game, so it can be used to take simple notes.

You can toggle to show or hide the overlay with Alt + C, and you’ll be notified when you have new chats.

Communicate with friends outside the game. If you are a streamer, you can interact with your viewers in-game.

“To be able to watch and coach T1 members in real time, smoothly, was absolutely amazing. The members started to give feedback to each other as they were watched their teammates’ plays during a game. I think it’s a powerful tool that can only boost your skills if used right.”


SKT T1 Director, Kim Jeong-gyun


을 체험할 준비 되셨나요?

현재 PEEP의 전반적인 기능은 구현이 완료되었지만,
사용성 개선과 안정화 작업이 계속 진행중입니다. 

얼리 억세스를 신청하시면, 정식 출시 이전에
​미리 PEEP의 핵심기능을 체험해보실 수 있습니다. 

Interested in working                  ?

with us

The PEEP development team, as a new business organization within OP.GG, 
is taking on the challenge of creating a new & unique large-scale messenger service, supported by OP.GG's 55 million MAU user base and work resources.

All the team members passionately talk and participate in the product idea phase,
user experience, functionality, technology used, trends, and business strategies.



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